What We Do

NAMI Santa Barbara

NAMI Santa Barbara County, is the local chapter of one of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organizations.

With staff and financial support from Mental Wellness Center, NAMI Santa Barbara provides vital emotional support, educational resources, and advocacy on behalf of Santa Barbara County families affected by mental illness in a family member or loved one.

Since 1979, NAMI has been the most formidable grassroots mental health advocacy organization in the country. Its steadfast commitment has been the driving force behind profound changes, including a national investment in lifesaving research, parity for mental health care, increased housing, and access to treatments and services for those who need them most.

To learn more, please contact NAMI SB Liaison and MWC Family Advocate, Julieta Silva, by phone: 805-325-5580 or email:jsilva@mentalwellnesscenter.org.

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Monthly Speaker Meetings

These meetings feature a local or regional expert speaker on some aspect of mental health designed to be of specific interest to people living with mental health disorders and their families.

Public Policy Advocacy

This committee serves on County boards and task forces, works with County departments and the County Board of Supervisors in order to advocate on issues of concern to NAMI families contending with a loved one who lives with serious mental illness.

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Family Advocate Services

We offer help and support in identifying community resources for family members with adult loved ones who live with mental illness or substance use issues.

Education & Family Support Groups

Our education and support programs and groups include: a Family-to-Family 8-week course for families with loved ones with mental illness, a Peer-to-Peer 8-week course for adults living with mental illness, a family support group, and a family member education discussion group.

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“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

Brene Brown