Who we are

Mission, Vision & Values

Mental Wellness Center is dedicated to empowering
individuals on their mental health journey by providing support, education, and housing.


Fostering mental health and well-being through supportive programs and services


Educating for resilience by tailoring and teaching mental health education programs that address the specific needs of youth, families, and adults


Managing safe and affordable housing options that support a stable foundation and help residents rebuild their lives.

Our Vision

For over 75 years, we have been dedicated to envisioning a community where everyone can achieve their healthiest lives, free from the burden of fear and misinformation surrounding mental illness.

Our Values

Every day we rely on our organizational values to help ameliorate the impact of mental illness on individuals and families.


We are a beacon of hope in our community. We believe hope is important to each person’s mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, and a positive belief that the future may be brighter than the present.

Because Mental Illness Does Not Discriminate. We believe EVERY person deserves to feel fully seen and heard, and to be treated with care, respect and dignity. We demonstrate respect by following through on our mission with commitment and care. As one community, and part of one human race, we commit to diversity, equity and inclusion always.



We recognize that our positive impact is based on the essential nature of our collaborations and partnerships with other organizations serving those impacted by mental health issues. We make every effort to listen carefully and work closely with longstanding, loyal partners.

 We believe in the importance of early intervention, at any age, when addressing mental health. We meet people where they are and provide critical and basic services as a foundation for wellness. 

Early Intervention


We believe education is an agent of change. We educate, engage and empower youth, adults, families and the community on mental health so that together we can break the stigma and take better care of ourselves individually and as a community.

We embrace our role as a community employer that values and promotes learning and professional development. We aim to offer training and educational opportunities for the mutual benefit of peers and professionals that are essential to the range of programs we offer.

Professional Development

to Care

We believe access transforms lives. We are a bridge, providing access to resources that support all, including those living with mental health challenges. Through private and governmental partnerships and collaborations, we extend our services to make our community stronger.

We are committed to providing youth-driven programming, education, and resources to positively impact our next generations and their families. We aim to amplify the many voices of youth mental health throughout our community and achieve meaningful change.


Safe &

We believe a safe place to call home is a basic human right and essential to mental health recovery. We provide safe, affordable housing to individuals and families throughout Santa Barbara County.

We can’t underestimate the power we have as individuals to provide the support that people need to transition from a place of pain to a place of possibility.

Dr. Vivek Murthy
U.S. Surgeon General