Find Help

In a Crisis? If this is a mental health emergency, call 911 and request someone from either the Police Co-Response Team or Crisis Intervention Team to respond.

Mental Wellness Center can be reached at (805) 884-8440 from 9am to 5pm weekdays.

For Youth

We know that supporting and educating our community’s youth can help us all avoid the burdens associated with more acute mental health diagnoses later.

Learn how we support the children and youth living in our community through: Mental Health Matters, Wellness Connection Clubs, and Teen Mental Health First Aid.

We’re here for you.

Contact us to learn more or make an appointment. We may refer you to an educational group, a support group or one of our external partners.

To learn more about a specific mental health disorder, go to:

“You are not defined by your challenges, you’re defined by your courage to face them.”

Ramona Winner
MWC Family Advocate of 12 years