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Mental Health Education

Which of these mental health education programs are you interested in learning more about?

Here’s an introduction to our Mental Health Education Program en Español.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is an in-school curriculum that teaches nearly 3,000 6th graders and high school students in 100 separate SB County School classrooms (1) knowledge, (2) attitudes and (3) behaviors regarding mental health issues. Students learn the basic facts about mental health signs and symptoms, how to talk with someone if they are experiencing mental distress, and where resources and help are available within the school and the larger community. Healthy strategies in dealing with stressors endemic in today’s uncertain world are also reviewed.

For a comprehensive summary of Mental Health Matters, go to mhmyouth.org or contact, Mental Health Matters Program Coordinator, MK Littman at 805-252-6690.

Wellness Connection Council

At Dos Pueblos, San Marcos, and Santa Barbara High Schools, this school-based club of students join with their peers to learn and share about mental health and wellness issues, and advocate for mental health resources on their school campus and within the community. They educate, empower, and engage other students, raising awareness and reducing stigma around mental health by promoting self-care, connection, and kindness towards their peers. For more information, please contact Rocio Pacheco Garcia, Wellness Connection Council Manager, 805-325-5602.

Mental Health 101

Mental Health 101 serves as a more brief gateway presentation on matters pertaining to mental well-being and mental illness. Our staff offer an invaluable overview on navigating stigma associated with mental health conditions, and equips individuals with the preliminary knowledge necessary to respond with empathy and understanding.

To request more information about Mental Health 101 or how bring the program to your organization or place of work, please email Gabriela Dodson, Director of Wellness & Recovery Programs at: gdodson@mentalwellnesscenter.org

Mental Health First Aid Training

A practical course customized for adults and adult educators who work with youth that teaches the first signs of psychological mental health distress and what to do about it. This class is free and offers certification at its conclusion. It is available throughout the year and is taught in both English and Spanish language. For information on how to enroll, when and where classes are offered, please contact MHFA Program Administrator and Instructor, Rocio Pacheco, rpgarcia@mentalwellnesscenter.org

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To learn more about a specific mental health disorder, go to: www.nami.org/About-Mental-Illness.

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