annmarie cameron

A Message to All of Our Friends

There’s something going on right now that I’d like to share with you. Perhaps you’re already feeling it.

A powerful cultural shift is clamoring for our attention with the potential to positively affect all of us, including you and those you care about.

Like no other time in the 75-year history of the Mental Wellness Center or in my 30-year history at its helm, has mental health commanded the national conversation or been acknowledged as among the most important issues facing our community and our world.

Today’s shared realities can feel overwhelming — a rapidly changing landscape at home and abroad, an uncertain economy, gun violence in communities large and small, the deterioration of human connection and, of course, the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the list goes on — but they also add up to what could be viewed as a silver lining with potential for good!

As a society we are acknowledging at long last the profound mental, emotional, and social toll being experienced by millions. The extreme nature of our turbulent times is shining the brightest possible light on the fragility of mental health and the human experience.

In response to this poignant moment, Mental Wellness Center is committing aloud to two powerful stances:

  1. confidently serving the community with top notch programming built upon the foundation of a decades-long history of experience, and
  2. simultaneously charting an organizational evolution well poised to respond to our changing environment.

Improving Mental Wellness In Our Community

The mission of the Mental Wellness Center is to advance mental wellness in Santa Barbara.

Through mental health education, essential community services, and safe, affordable housing, the Mental Wellness Center serves individuals and families impacted by mental illness.

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