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Mike was born and raised in Chicago, but spent much of his adult life on the West Coast – 30 years in Los Angeles, and 35 years in Santa Barbara. Mike earned a business degree from The University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

After two years as a draftee in the Army, he worked in the business world for 15 years. In the succeeding 10 years he taught at California State University Los Angeles and volunteered at Planned Parenthood.

Mike semi-retired and moved to Santa Barbara in 1985, where he was a volunteer guide for school children at the zoo for 10 years, and worked part-time at Planned Parenthood as their Grant Writer.

Mike has been a Grant Writer at the Mental Wellness Center since 1998, and has helped to raise millions of dollars for our organization. Mike is especially proud of the role he played in getting grant funds for the Mental Wellness Center Garden Street office building, Fellowship Club, and Garden Street Apartment units to support those we serve.

Mike married late in life to his beautiful wife Angelita, and they are living happily ever after, and more in love with every passing year.