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Annmarie Cameron

Chief Executive Officer


Annmarie is a native northern Californian who moved to the south coast to attend college in San Luis Obispo. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1986 with a degree in Psychology and Family Studies. Moving further down the coast, Annmarie moved to Santa Barbara in 1989 and quickly became a volunteer at the Fellowship Club of the Mental Wellness Center, and then went on to become the CEO.

Annmarie Cameron has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Wellness Center since 1992. During her tenure, the organization has expanded to provide additional affordable housing, educational programs in local schools and established a community center for all to access at the agency headquarters on Garden Street.

With each passing year Annmarie has become more determined to see the needs met of those who live with mental illness and those of their care giving families and friends. Education, practical solutions such as affordable housing and integrated healthcare promoting early intervention resources are her top priorities.