The Mental Wellness Center understands that racism undermines mental health. Therefore, we are committed to anti-racism in all that we do and remain committed to working against individual racism, interpersonal racism, and institutional racism in all their forms.
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Education Committee

2020 Mental Health Matters (MHM) Education Committee

MHM Education Committee Members:

Committee Chair: Ann Lippincott, PhD

Patricia Bower Cooley
Jane Brody, MA
Nancy Chase
Crystal Cobb
Dyan Colven, PsyD
Kathy Culbertson
Michèle Pouget Drum, MFT
Karen Feuer
Judy Flum, LCSW
Leslie Franklin
Beverly Lochridge
Kathy Marden, MFT
Cynthia Manigault, RN
Susan Moore, RN
Christy Morse
Pamela Reeves, MD
Doug Sisk, PhD
Julie Kessler Solomon
Cindy Somers, JD
Janis Spracher
Rachael Steidl
Choux Weingert
Jeannette Weisskopf

MHM Education Committee Emeritus:

Joan Ariel
Susan Ayer, M.Ed.
Harriet Bender
Michelle Brenner
Ellen Broidy, PhD
Jenny Bruell, MSW
Francis Cosworth
Bill Elliott
Tom Franklin
Christine Fredericks, PhD
Cheri Gurse, PhD
Carol Hawkes
Gracie Huerta
Sue Johnson, PhD
Catelynn Kenner, MPH
Jen Koepnick, M.Ed.
Mary Ellen Logan
Laura Lashever, PsyD
Doris Medved, RN
Mari Mender, RN
Cherry Stockton
Cesli Vierra
Sabina White

For more information about the Mental Health Matters Education Committee, please contact:

Alexis Malatesta
Education Coordinator