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Wellness & Recovery Support

Wellness & Recovery Support

A range of wellness and recovery activities – support groups, music, drumming, and movement – are available to the entire community, weekday afternoons and evenings, free of charge.

Stronger Together, group for adults living with depression/bipolar disorder, for more info, call Liz: 805-886-4729.

SPOT, support for parents of teens, for more info, call Ramona: 805-884-3206.

Self-Help Groups-SB, a range of 5 different, topic-driven, virtual support groups, email for subject matter, dates, and times.

Grupo Calibri, mental health support group in Spanish, for more info, call Vicente: 805-845-3186.

Drumming group and music-making group, for more info, call Vicente: 805-845-3186.