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Carrie Faulkner

Fellowship Club Manager


Carrie Faulkner grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Santa Barbara in 2001 to attend Santa Barbara City College. In 2005, she transferred to San Francisco State University, where she received her BA in Sociology. In 2007, she returned to Santa Barbara and began working for local nonprofits. Carrie worked at Pathpoint for several years, working in the Independent Living Services Program. While working at Pathpoint, she realized and noticed the importance of mental health and how much it can affect someone’s day to day life. From then on, Carrie was committed to mental health and in 2014, she decided to attend Graduate School at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, where she received a Masters in Clinical Psychology. While attending Antioch University, Carrie worked at Noah’s Anchorage, where she started working as a Residential Counselor and then later as the Shelter Director.

Carrie started to volunteer at the Mental Wellness Center's Fellowship Club during the Summer of 2019, and officially joined the team as Fellowship Club Manager in early 2020. When asked about her role as Fellowship Club Manager, Carrie shared, "the Fellowship Club creates a safe place for individuals, it allows people to be surrounded by their peers, provides access to mental health resources, and most of all it, has dedicated staff working to make a difference in the lives of those we serve."